Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What's RIGHT With Your Life?

Do you feel inundated with bad news? The financial shifts, the election, the housing market? Descriptions of "crisis, panic, and meltdown" seem to be all you hear from the media. When your primitive nervous system hears these words, you freak out, just as Mother Nature planned.

No one is denying that these are challenging times, but what if you step away from the stories of doom and gloom that boost television viewer ratings, and take a break? What if, instead of focusing solely on your 401K losses, you acknowledge what you still have? 

Do you have good health? A loving relationship? Happy kids? Caring friends?

There is a time and place, with calm heads, to figure out how you'll respond to the changes in the market. Your brain will guide you better when you're calm. And there should also be a time and place to notice all the good in your life that fluctuating markets can never take away from you.