Thursday, July 7, 2011

Is There An Upside To The Downside?

Nobody wants bad stuff to happen to them, yet sooner or later, if you're human, it probably will.
But the good news is that despite the difficulty of some events--like illness, job loss or financial troubles--many people come out the other side not only surviving, but thriving. There's even a name for it: Post-Traumatic Growth.
That was the case for Harry Potter best-selling author JK Rowlings as she looks back at the hardships she endured as a struggling, depressed single mother determined to write a book.
Although you probably won't feel the upside of your suffering when you're in the thick of it, given some time, many people, including JK, say they're stronger, wiser and more deeply connected to people because of it.
How To Grow From Tough Situations
If you're dealing with a hardship, here are 3 suggestions to help you ultimately thrive:
1. Accept It. When you're in a crisis, wishing things were different only makes it worse. Start by accepting where you are. JK Rowlings says doing that gave her a sense of freedom that allowed her to pursue her path.
2. Discover Your Strengths. Sometimes you don't realize the depth of your courage, your tenacity or your talents until they've been tested. The famous author found that she had a strong will and an ability to survive that she never knew.
3. Connect with Caring People. Accepting help from people who care about you will make you stronger. JK says adversity helped her realize the gift of her true friendships.